Prenatal Services

Childbirth classes

A childbirth class is a great way to prepare for labour and birth. Depending on where you go, classes range from a one-day intensive workshop to weekly sessions lasting a month or more. The typical class consists of lectures, discussions, and exercises, all led by a trained childbirth instructor.

Breastfeeding class

Professional consultants offer a broad range of services, which include everything from teaching a new mom how to position her baby on the breast to giving her tips on how to increase her milk supply or handle a breast infection.

Doula or Labour support

Doula (pronounced “doo-lah”) is a word derived from the ancient Greek language originally meaning “A woman who serves”. Today the term “doula” is commonly used to describe a trained and professional woman who serves other women in childbirth.

Prenatal Fitness

Nurturing Touch Fitness offers an exciting variety of fitness programs in a clean, friendly, comfortable environment for women.

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