Testimonial - Baby Seio

Shiku was referred to me by a colleague at work. From the minute we met, my husband and I felt like we had a partner.

Shiku guided us through the initial lamaze classes with clear information and interactive games. We laughed a lot!

Our baby boy Seio came 3 weeks early. When my water broke in the middle of the night, we were quite nervous and calles Shiku immediately. She answered on the first ring and told us to stay calm and what we should do next. She was on the phone with us every 2 hours checking on my progress in the hospital. As soon as we were moved to the delivery room, she was there - cool headed and in charge. She helped us keep track of and understand the baby's progress and communicating with the midwife and doctor. During the excruciating 7 hour intense labour, she held my hand, told me and my husband when to breath and helped us bring our baby in to the world. With God's grace, he was born a perfect little boy. With us both overwhelmed by it all, and drowsy from the labour, Shiku oversaw the initial checks and held Seio in her arms when the paediatrician was done checking him.

With Shiku's patience and comforting presence during our experience, my husband and I were able to stay calm and ensured of a positive outcome. We will be eternally grateful to her and Nurturing Touch for their support.